Our company was founded in 1967 by Albert Retelle. A graduate of the Stockbridge School at UMASS Amherst, where he met his wife, Evelyn, Al was an avid outdoorsman and nature lover. Their eldest son, Peter, followed in his father's footsteps by becoming a Mass Certified Arborist and graduating with a degree in Arboriculture & Park Management. In 1982 Peter and his wife, Lee, purchased the company and they remain owners today.

Their daughter, Lindsey, runs the office and their youngest son, Riki, is a foreman, climber and licensed crane operator who will one day take over as the 3rd generation owner. Over the years brothers, cousins, and countless other family members and friends have been a part of the Retelle Tree team. We're very proud to have operated as a small family business in the Andover area for nearly 50 years.